At USA Distillers, we are committed to producing the highest quality products. 


Bevergage Alcohol

By adhering to strict quality control standards, USA Distillers consistently produces the highest quality beverage alcohol on the African continent. This top quality alcohol is the the foundation for premium distilled vodkas, gins, cane spirits, and whiskeys. Because of constant plant upgrades, coinciding with evolving customer needs, we are able to meet demand for world class beverage products. Every facet of our beverage alcohol department is conducted with service and quality in mind -  service on which our customers can rely and quality in which they demand.

Pharmaceutical Alcohol

All of the alcohol we produce is tested by analytical chemical methods to verify its neutrality and freedom from foreign odors and tastes. In non-denatured uses of industrial alcohol for food products, such as flavorings and extracts, product-quality is critical. Quality demands for scientific research in hospitals and educational institutions are equally stringent. As an ingredient in solvents and other chemical products, our customers depend on our consistency in delivering the quality they  demand every time.

Condensed Molasses Solids (CMS)

Condensed Molasses Solids (CMS) is made by concentrating vinasse (a waste product from the production of alcohol from molasses) to reduce its water content. CMS is extensively used as a fertiliser in the sugar industry in Southern Africa where it is applied to both plant and ratoon cane. As with all product that are produced by USA Distillers, our CMS is of the highest quality. We work closely with local independent farmers and provide them with our high quality CMS. The farmers then use the CMS as fertilizer to regrow the sugarcane crop which is the foundation of our alcohol. This initiative is one of many that USA Distillers has embarked on to support and help grow the local community.

More information about how USA Distillers supports its local community can be found in the Our Responsibility section of this site.